To be, or not to be chocolate free… That is the question!

To be, or not to be chocolate free… That is the question!

Eventually, my diet will consist of the lack of gluten, wheat, soy, GMOs, processed foods, eggs, dairy and much more, but what about the one thing that makes the world go round? CHOCOLATE!!

Yes, my dear friends, gluten can even be in chocolate.

So, let’s address this important issue first… There are gluten free chocolate bars! Thank GOD!! Coffee, I can give up… Dairy too.. done! But my love for chocolate is infinite. The darker the better.

Though I cannot indulge in my beloved Godiva, (especially those awesome pumpkin balls that come around during the fall), and all the other faves I’ve had throughout the years…there are some that I am fond of that are supposedly gluten free! Hallelujah!!

TADA!!!!! Enter Endangered Species Chocolates. The candy is manufactured with soy lecithin (which will eventually have to be given up as well, but for the time, we are safe with assuming that my one indulgence will not harm me overwhelmingly).

The natural dark chocolate with 88% cocoa is awesome (pictured with a panther on it), as is the Dark Chocolate with Cranberries (seen in stores with a wolf on the cover). A little bit of chocolate goes a long way to kill the chocoholic cravings that I have and it is relatively low in carbs. That’s a high point for me. I have tried their mint bar as well but I was not as pleased as with the others. Perhaps it had more sugar… I’m not sure.



Endangered Species Chocolates also promise that 10% of their net profits are donated to support species, habitat, etc.! To learn more, please go to

For more listings and details about various brands of chocolate bars, please check out the celiac page here:

While some on the web have said that it is important to mourn the loss of your old way of life, I think it is more important for me to educate myself on what I can do… not only what I can’t. Gluten free first, the rest will follow later…

Happily, for now, my little bit of chocolate will be my ray of sunshine in the cloudy sky of dietary confusion. Soooo… My answer is not to be Chocolate Free thanks to Endangered Species Chocolate! 🙂

As always, Happy Eating and Reading!
~ Christa~

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