“It’s not easy being green.” Kermit the frog.

“It’s not easy being green.” Kermit the frog. 🙂

Today was an interesting day. The rumblings of my tummy all night seemed to be telling me that something was very wrong with what I ate yesterday. 🙂 Still just a newbie.

Remember what I’d mentioned about research? Welllll…. I guess I’d have to take my own advice.

Yesterday, while waiting for the car to warm up, I snacked on a granola bar… One that I thought was gluten free but not. So I did definitely learn, DO NOT EAT BEFORE READING. 🙂

So, today I thought I’d post about a great snack… Granola bars!

Promptly after handing over the industrial sized box of granola bars I’d had stored in the car as my “Emergency food” kept in the car for getting caught in bad weather or traffic, (a lesson learned during “Snowmageden” in the DC area during late January 2011), I promptly jumped onto the internet and started searching for some recipes.

I did find some really tasty looking recipes.

Do any of you have suggestions for a great “pre-packaged” gluten free granola bars and where to buy them in bulk? I would greatly appreciate it! 🙂 What about other snacks that are your faves… Any suggestions? Please post your answer to the left, or use the email form below! Thanks so much!!

Until next time,
Stay Warm!!
Happy Reading and Eating!


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