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“Stuff that’s hidden and murky and ambiguous is scary because you don’t know what it does.” Jerry Garcia… Surprising Sources of Hidden Gluten!

Stuff that’s hidden and murky and ambiguous is scary because you don’t know what it does.” Jerry Garcia

So just how far down does this rabbit hole go?

When first discovering that one must “give up” gluten, some may think, “So, can’t you just pick it out?”

Sadly, no. Gluten is the stuff that glues things together in many forms!

It is in make-up, gummed envelopes, labels and stamps, and other non-edibles. But what about every day foods?

Everyone knows about the baked goods that can contain gluten, but what about rye, barley and the cross-contamination of oats milled in locations that also mill those grains. Some would even think to add corn since corn also has a type of protein, or gluten in it.

Imagine sitting down to that wonderful Thanksgiving meal, you have your gluten free stuffing, and all the trimmings. You even went the extra mile and expense to purchase a hormone free turkey… but did you check to make sure it wasn’t self-basting? Did you know that self-basting turkeys can contain gluten? What about French fries, and playdough (the stuff that kids play with!) How about the cardboard boxes that orange juice is sold in?!?

To help out, here’s a small list of hidden sources of gluten… Some, you would never even think of!

Coatings, colorings, Emulsifiers, the fillers in luncheon meat and hot dogs, modified food starch, citric acid, flavorings made with grain alcohol (yes, this means you vanilla extract!!!) all contain gluten. Vegetable protein, certain vinegars, oils and soy sauce as well as, hard candy, candy bars, and many condiments can contain gluten as well.

To read more about the hidden sources of gluten please read the following links;



Read here about the hidden source of gluten in playdough! http://www.practicalgastro.com/pdf/September08/HlywiakArticle.pdf


Here is a great set of videos with great details!

This video is about hidden gluten!

Gluten in beer and alcohol.

Gluten in coffee and tea.

Gluten in Food Storage Containers.

Gluten in Medicines, Vitamins, and Probiotics.

There is a sea of knowledge and so much information. The best action is to educate yourself so that you may know why your body may do certain things. Through experimentation and deductive reasoning, you may find some answers. But then, sometimes, it’s just a mystery.

Recently, I drank bottled water with a flavored mix I added to it. The mix was sold as “gluten free” but still triggered a reaction. Could it have been due to the citric acid? Perhaps… who knows? Everyone’s body is different. Just because one person’s body reacts doesn’t mean that another person’s body will react the same way.

The purpose of my sharing this information is not to overload, but to help educate. If your body acts one way after eating or drinking something, it may not mean that it was because of the item itself, but perhaps because of the container it was stored in. Hopefully, through the process of elimination, you may find some answers.

The labyrinth of gluten is magnificent. In time, with a little luck, education, and intelligent experimentation, you and I both, will find our way!

Be blessed, don’t give up, and
Keep Reading and Eating!!
~ Christa ~



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